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Sales Pipeline Generation

Here at IRS, you will often hear us talk about Sales Pipeline Generation, but what does it mean for you, the client? By Sales Pipeline Generation, we are talking about your revenue targets and how we can best support you to achieve these, whilst at the same time delivering on average a 50x Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Because we understand that winning new business is hard, we offer a strategic process to make the seemingly impossible, possible:

  • Strategy development: First, we will take the time, and invest the energy, to accurately understand your goals and only then will we tailor a unique strategy around how best to achieve them.
  • Maximise budget: We will then blend our inhouse specialisms of social, digital, telemarketing and email to optimise your marketing budget.
  • Identify and engage: At this stage, our fully-briefed BDE’s will start to identify prospects and engage with them on a personal level, to ensure we understand their needs and timelines.
  • Qualified meetings: Our BDE’s will schedule meetings for you and your team, booking dates in the diary and delivering a ‘warm’ handover to ensure the salesperson is fully briefed.
  • Close-the-loop: Follow-up with both the salesperson and the prospect to gain feedback and accurately track progress.
  • Reporting: Regular reporting and review calls to analyse performance, provide insights and ensure you always know the status of our activities.

Benefits of partnering with IRS?

  • Focus is solely on the tech industry
  • A joined-up, full-service sales generation agency
  • Every opportunity nurtured until ready to engage with your sales team
  • Post-meeting follow-up to ensure each opportunity progresses
  • Native-language speakers
  • Success measured by pipeline value created and ROMI.

Read our Case Studies and Product Sheets below:

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