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Social Prospecting Techniques That Really Do Work

At IRSMarketing we eat, sleep and breathe Social Prospecting (or social selling as it is also referred to), but what is it exactly?

According to HubSpot, Social Prospecting is:

“… the art of listening to people, not mentions or keywords. It’s about scouring the social web, identifying potential prospects, and engaging them through content to get them to your site and move them through your funnel.”

This is pretty much how we spend our days, working on the behalf of our global tech clients. In fact, the first thing I do every morning when I come into the office is, I check for inbound responses from our clients’ campaigns.

But that isn’t the full picture. In addition to scouring the internet, researching potential contacts in the client’s target industries and providing them with appropriate content, we also know that to be effective you need to engage across multiple touch points, which is why we also use a combination of telephone and email to engage them in a meaningful conversation about the services and products our clients offer.

This is powerful stuff and it generates the desired outcomes, but only if it is executed in the correct way…

… That’s why it is crucial to remember for SP to be successful it is not a standalone service. At IRSMarketing, SP is part of the wider sales pipeline generation services that the company offers, giving our clients access to the broader and professional skill set of our 60+ Business Development Executives. Our dedicated training manager works with the BDE’s to ensure they are primed and ready to hit the road running from day one!

And so, to deliver a successful SP campaign, you have to focus closely on both your written and verbal communication skills. I keep a check on the tone I use within my messages, I keep them short and concise and get straight to the point – you have to remember that these are exceptionally busy C-level contacts, you don’t go wasting their time! I also adjust the tone of my voice to project energy and excitement in the product or service, using various techniques to entice, encourage and engage.

Some of the benefits of running a successful SP campaign with us, include:

  • Access to an expert team with nearly 30 years of combined experience in the global tech industry
  • A blended approach - a mix of SP techniques alongside pipeline generation which includes tele, inbound response follow-up, data management, digital and social
  • Native-language speakers and full EMEA coverage
  • New business enquiries that are carefully and considerately nurtured
  • Value for money – everything we do is communicated to our clients in terms of Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). It’s the quality of the enquiry that counts, not the quantity.

It takes a certain kind of person to do this role – someone with tenacity, someone who doesn’t give-up easily and someone fully committed to the cause. As I said - I eat, sleep and breathe SP - if you don’t you will fail, I can assure you of that!

However, I also know that when I do a good job, I add unprecedented value to our client’s business-to-business sales pipeline – enabling their internal sales team to focus on the task at hand. And, this is what, to me, makes every step I take so worthwhile.

Ultimately, this is a team effort, with our clients at the heart of that, and we work together to ensure the campaign is on time, on budget and most of all, on target.

So, if you are yet to engage with our specialist SP team, you really should pick-up the phone and speak to one of our experts on +44 (0)1869 321800 today. We have the know-how, the energy, the drive and the determination for every single campaign that comes our way. You will see that the rewards are great – more prospects, better contact information, access to the key decision-makers, and bigger sales opportunities in your pipeline – and that’s just for starters!

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Phil Wakeford, Social Prospecting Lead

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